A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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Witches and Pagans or Neopagans

These autonomous groups worship the Great Mother Goddess under one of her many names. Beside her is the Horned God, her consort. Together they represent the male and female principles basic to life. Contemporary witches and pagans do not equate the Horned God to Satan. These groups practice magic for self improvement and to aid associates. They disavow the practice of black magic as one of their basic beliefs is the magic can return to the practitioner threefold. They say that they practice white or beneficent magic and that any person who practices black magic would be a Satanist. The Witchcraft or Wiccan Creed is: "Lest ye harm none, do what you will, love under law, love guiding will." They are organized into covens or circles, each group having from four to twenty-six members.

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